Prague upcoming festivals in 2017

Life is the greatest opportunity we have to experience new things in gorgeous locations across the world. Among the wide range of amazing destinations we should choose for traveling next year, Prague comes first on our list today. It has such a rich historical and cultural experience to share with the rest of the world that everyone should visit this city at least once in a lifetime and meet breathtaking Prague escorts ready to share their knowledge about the local history and culture.


For those who have been there already, we should mention that 2017 is a great year to consider for going back there given the numerous fantastic upcoming festivals they could attend in the company of a stunning lady from the Escort Directory. There might not be a better way of having fun in this city that by being surrounded by hundreds of people who appreciate any given opportunity to go out and have fun. Let’s analyze some of these below.

Amazing events in Prague all year long

If there is one location in the world where there is always a new great event taking place, that attractive destination is Prague. All sorts of events are organized there every month and locals as well as tourists enjoy attending these with gorgeous Prague escorts ready to show them their way of having fun. Engage in such activities with attractive women from the city that never sleeps and you will create great memories to share with your friends back home.

A beautiful escort always knows the most awesome places to visit and the most entertaining parties to attend. Rely on their way of making an entrance, and you will remember such experiences for a long time. They have a lot of local friends and know how to get in everywhere so that no great festival might be left unattended next year. Life is worth living to the fullest and being part of great events is the right way to do so in 2017.

From the Christmas and Easter Markets to the Prague Marathon

Prague is the city where locals, tourists, and amazing Prague escorts from can never get bored. Given the fact that the holiday season is here, we could not forget to mention the great Christmas markets organized there at the end of this year and the beginning of next year.  2017 will start with the celebration of the Independent Czech Day that will commemorate the inclusion of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic back in 1993.

Moreover, ask any gorgeous escort you meet there about her favorite upcoming festival, and she will tell you all about the New Year’s Day Family Fireworks event taking place on 1st of January. The Christmas Markets will continue up until the 6th of January. Furthermore, the Ice Rink in the Old Town will also offer free access to locals and tourists all during the first month of next year.

Go out with a beautiful escort in Prague, and you will understand why people simply fall in love with this place, especially in winter, during the holiday season. 2017 also waits to welcome you there with other interesting festivals like Majales, May Rituals, the Prague Marathon Weekend, Rumfest and the Liberation Day – public holidays that will make next year one worth experiencing there.